How To Make Your Home A Fortress Against Burglars

You should feel confident your home will be protected from trespassers whether you are at home or away. There are many ways you can protect your space, including with a bit of common sense and using some of these tips. It won't cost a lot of money, but it will add the security to your home to keep unwanted visitors from entering your environment.

Light Timers

If the home is dark, it may be a sign to a burglar that no one is home or that everyone is asleep. Many burglars will observe the homeowner's schedule to determine patterns and when the residents are home in order to break in without the fear of running into someone. However, if the home has a timer on the lights, it may be more difficult to know whether someone is home. Set the timers to come on and off at different intervals in each room to confuse the onlooker. It will appear someone is moving inside from each area.

Motion Detectors

It is a good idea to install these lights outside of the home. It will dissuade an intruder from lurking in the yard. If anyone moves, the light will come on, and will scare the burglar away from the area.

Own a Dog

Dogs are great at multitasking as a pet and as a key to keeping away any unwanted person or animal. Extra care must be given to the dog because some intruders may want to harm it. Also, be sure the companion has plenty of exercise, water, and food. This includes placing food and water outside if it is your security alarm. However, if the weather is too cold or hot, be sure to bring your best pal into the home where it can stay comfortable.

Bolt Locks

Doors can be much more secure if you install a bolt lock. A separate key is needed to enter the home. They are also safer because they can withstand more pressure from extreme force if someone attempts to break into the house. Purchase a lock that has a Grade 1 classification because it is the strongest grade provided by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It's best to have it installed by a locksmith to ensure it is done properly.

Window Locks

Most homes have a simple lock that is easily broken. It is much safer to install an extra window lock, but be sure you keep an extra set of keys in several locations, in case of emergencies.

 If you are going to be away from home for an extended amount of time, it is also always a good idea to have a trusted neighbor observing the home to call the police in case of any problems. Or, you could also hire a house sitter. In any event, protect the home and your family from any unwanted intruders.

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