Think Your Home's Security Has Weak Spots? Hire A Locksmith To Check Things Out

If you think your home is not secure, a qualified locksmith can be of big help to you. Hire one and ask them to check the entry points to your home. They will know where the weaker points in your home may be. They will not mind doing this for you, but they may charge you a fee, however. If any weak spots are found, the locksmith can suggest ways to make your home much more secure. Below are two possible weak points they will check.

Window Locks

Twenty-three percent of burglars gain access to a home through a first floor window. The locksmith will inspect the locks on your windows for you and suggest new ones if they see they could easily break in through them. Older locks are easy for a burglar to get through, as they are generally made from a thin piece of metal. The burglar can easily use a small tool to slide under the metal piece and wiggle it until they get the lock open.

There are many different types of window locks you can choose, such as flip locks, keyed locks, and sash locks. The locksmith will not suggest the flip locks, as they are easy for a burglar to flip and open the window. Keyed locks work well, but you must always make sure you have a key nearby the window in case there is an emergency. With sash locks, the locksmith will insert removable eyebolts in holes that are drilled into the window sash. They may also suggest fixed metal grilles over the windows for even more security.

Door Locks

The next place a locksmith will check is your door locks. They will first see how easily they can unlock them without using a key. They will ensure no locks are loose, because a burglar could break through the lock even quicker if they are.

The locksmith will make sure all your doors have deadbolts. ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts are the most secure you can buy. You should ask them to install the deadbolts for you, to ensure they are installed properly.

Deadbolts are great to keep a burglar from kicking in your door, but they have tools they use to pick a lock. For this reason, the locksmith will ensure the deadbolts you purchase are harder to pick.  The best type of deadbolt lock should have a tight tolerance and many pins. This will take the burglar much longer to pick the lock, which gives you time to get help. The locksmith can help you choose and tell you how many pins the lock should have.

A locksmith, like one from Fox Chase Lock & Key, can be a valuable resource to you to ensure you and your family stay safe in your home.

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