Methods For Avoiding An Automobile Lockout

Automobile lockouts are all too common. They're also highly inconvenient, and problematic for anyone in a hurry, because even calling the fastest and most reliable locksmith will still result in a wait and a bill. These tips will help you avoid problems like this in the future, so you can always have your original car keys or a set of spare car keys on hand at all times.

Use a Retractable Key Chain

Get in the habit of keeping your keys on a retractable key chain on your belt loop or purse. This way, your car keys will retract into the key chain and stay with you as soon as you remove them from the vehicle's ignition.

Cover Your Interior Door Locks

You won't lock yourself out if you only ever use your car key to lock the door. Cover your interior door locks with tape to make it difficult to lock the door from the inside. If the only convenient way to lock the door is on the outside of the car, you'll always use the keys to lock the car, which means that the keys will never be locked inside the vehicle.

Keep a Spare In Your Purse, Wallet or at the Office

Many people keep a spare key attached to the underside of the car with a magnetic box. These devices are handy, but they're also not secure. Anyone who wishes to steal your car can look on the underside of the vehicle and find the magnetized box. To be safe, keep your spare keys in a location where only you can access it. Try keeping your spare key in your purse or wallet, because this will ensure that your spare will usually be on hand and you won't have to go to great effort to access it.

As an alternative, leave your spare key with a relative, neighbor, friend or at your office. These locations are less convenient because in the event that you lock yourself out of the vehicle, you'll need to go get your key from where ever you've stashed it. Still, if you don't have a wallet or purse, this may be the best option.

Establish a Routine

One of the best ways to avoid lockouts is to establish a routine after driving. Immediately after turning off the car, put the keys in your purse or pocket. Don't allow yourself to do anything else before taking care of your key. Getting in the habit of putting your key away after driving will prevent a lockout in the future.

For more information about how you can prevent a lockout situation, contact a reputable, certified locksmith in your area.

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