Four Ways To Store Your Emergency Car Key Replacements So That You Can Get To Them Quickly

Losing your car keys is a very common occurrence for many people. It happens more often among people with small children because kids have a way of walking off with or playing with the keys and then losing them or locking them inside the car after everyone has left the vehicle. By now, you have probably had several emergency car key replacements made, but where do you store them so that you (or the kids!) do not lose these as well? Also, it helps if you can get to these replacement keys quickly. Here are four ways to store your emergency replacement keys so that you can get them right away and do not lose them.

Trusted Neighbors

If you know your neighbors quite well, you may have one or two that you trust implicitly. Ask at least one of these neighbors to hold onto a emergency key or keys for you. If you ask more than one neighbor, be sure to ask people who work different shifts and are at home during different times of the day, just in case your key emergency occurs when one of your neighbors is away.

At Work

Key emergencies occur anywhere, even in your parking lot at work. If possible, stash an extra set of car keys in your desk drawer or in a secret hidey-hole in the building. This is also helpful if you, personally, have an emergency and are carted off in an ambulance and need a fellow employee to follow in your car. (Your keys would be in your purse or pocket, thereby requiring your "assistant" to take the spare set and follow behind in your vehicle.)

In the __________

As the subtitle suggests, there are numerous key-holding and key-hiding objects you can purchase and use to hide a spare set of keys. These items are cleverly disguised as a turtle, a rock, a potted plant, a pile of dog feces, etc. All of these, except for the potted plant, have a sliding panel underneath that holds your spare keys. The potted plant version involves you lifting the fake plant and fake soil up to retrieve the keys from inside the pot but under the faux dirt and false plants.

Magnetic Key Safes

A neat little secret that only a few people know about, magnetic key safes hold your spares and then stick to anything metal. You can attach the safe to the underside of your car, so long as the body does not ride so low that a bump in the road knocks the safe off. You can also attach it to the underside of the tire well, where it stays just out of reach of your rotating tires and the prying eyes of others.

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