Three Solutions For When You Need New Locks

If you've lost your last key or just had a bad breakup but your ex didn't give your key back, you may be wondering if you should replace all the locks on your exterior doors. That is one option, but there are others as well, so don't go rushing off to buy all new doorknobs until you've considered all the options. A locksmith, like one from Tri-County Locksmith, can help you decide what best suits your individual situation, but there are at least three ways you could go. Consider these three options as solutions to your security issues.

1. Replace the doorknobs and locks.

If you only have one exterior door, this may not be too much of an expense. A professional locksmith will be able to help you obtain new units and install them correctly. Trying to install them on your own is limiting and could lead to difficulties (for example, if the hole that's already in your door doesn't end up being the perfect size for your new doorknob and lock, you'll need to call a locksmith anyway to get the hole drilled out correctly). However, if you have a large house with multiple doors, you may not want to spring for the price of all new doorknobs when technically you have perfectly good ones already. 

2. Have the lock re-keyed.

With this solution, you keep your old doorknob and lock units, but you'll need different keys to get in. Your locksmith can perform this service for you and it will require much lower costs for parts because you'll just need to pay for new keys. The process involves changing the sizes and arrangements of the tumblers inside the lock to fit a differently shaped key. This can be especially baffling for your ex if he or she tries to get in with the old key, because the locks won't appear to have changed.

3. Re-key your own lock.

If you think you're likely to have this problem again in the future, it may be worth investing in a high-tech set of doorknobs and locks that allow you to re-key your own locks with a simple reset key. It won't help feed your locksmith (except when you have the new doorknobs installed), but it can greatly increase convenience for you. You'll just have to order new keys each time you re-key your locks and you can do it on your own schedule rather than your locksmith's. However, having a reset key can be very hazardous if you have small children around who like to stick keys in locks, so beware.

If you're unsure, ask your locksmith which option would be best for your individual situation. Which solution you choose should depend on things like your budget and whether you expect to need new locks again in the future.

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