Making Your Apartment Complex As Safe As Possible

If you own a small apartment complex, you want to offer your residents the safest environment possible. Therefore, you should take steps around the property to cut down on the chance of crimes and other problems, so your residents can enjoy their homes the way they deserve to. You don't want them worrying about such things as break-ins, vandalism, fights, drugs being dealt in the parking area and other types of criminal activity. This can lead to them not feeling safe and choosing to not renew their lease, as well as give your apartment a bad reputation. Follow the advice here to create a safe apartment setting for those living in your complex.

Start by knowing who you are renting to

One of the most important things you want to do for the security of your complex is to make sure you rent to people who won't bring negative things to the complex. Do complete background checks that include checking into their criminal history and verifying their references.  While there may be the rare exception where you may decide to rent to someone with a colored past, it's generally a good idea to steer clear of renters with criminal histories all-together.

Have good lighting installed throughout the entire complex

If you leave it so there are dark areas around your apartment complex, then these will more than likely become the areas where criminal activities take place. All walkways should be well-lit after dark so residents feel safe walking through the complex. The courtyards, recreation areas, spots near out-buildings and all parts of the parking structures should be kept bright at all hours of the night. Keep in mind, making sure the parking stalls are all very bright can significantly cut down on the chances of cars getting broken into at night.

Install fencing and special locks along the entire perimeter

You should have a tall fence put up around the property. The fence should have gates that open when someone punches in a code. This way, the residence can get on the property at any time without worrying about keys, but those who don't belong won't be able to get in. Also, there should be a large gate that opens with a code for vehicles to go through to enter the parking area.

Have a locksmith check on the locks

Have a commercial locksmith like High Security Locksmith come out regularly to make sure your locks are in good shape and that no one has been tampering with them. If they have been messed with, then the locksmith may need to repair them.

Now that you have more knowledge on ways of keeping your apartment complex safer for your renters, you should begin working on implementing those things.

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