How You Can Pick A Deadbolt Lock

Has your roommate been threatening to change the locks because the two of you have not been getting along? As long as you have legal rights to live in the house, you should learn how to pick the deadbolt locks in case he or she gets them re-keyed to prevent you from gaining entry. In this article you find a few important things about deadbolt locks that can come in handy if your roommate happens to lock you out as he or she is threatening to do.

Deadbolt Locks Operate Via a Pin & Tumbler System

The first thing that you must understand before you can successfully pick a deadbolt lock is how they work internally. A deadbolt lock is able to secure doors because they are equipped with a pin and tumbler system that is difficult to break into without the right kind of knowledge. There are several small steel pins inside of a deadbolt lock that make it difficult for the doorknob to turn unless they are moved into a certain position in the cylinder plug. The cylinder plug (keyhole) is simply the area of a deadbolt lock in which a key is inserted. The key to picking a deadbolt lock is to make sure that each pin in the cylinder plug is moved up and locked into position.

You Need the Right Kind of Tools to Pick a Deadbolt Lock

In order to make picking a deadbolt lock as easy as it is for a locksmith to do, you will have to purchase a few important tools. The point of the tools is to perform the tasks that a regular key does, which is to turn the keyhole and manipulate the pin and tumbler system inside of the deadbolt lock. The tool for turning the keyhole is called a tension wrench, while a tool called a pick is used for the pin and tumbler system. Getting the doorknob to turn is fast if you follow a few simple directions. All you have to do is put the tension wrench in the keyhole and turn it like a key (keep it in position), and then insert the pick to move up each of the small pins in side of the lock.

Keep in mind that even if you don't want to buy tools to pick the deadbolt lock if your roommate locks you out, a company like Timberline Locksmith Service can assist in no time. Keep the contact information of a locksmith with you at all times so he or she can pick the lock for you if you need the help!

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