Locked Out Of Your House Without Your ID: How Your Locksmith Can Let You Back Inside

Getting locked out of your house is a huge annoyance, especially when you have managed to lock your photo ID inside the home with your keys. When your locksmith arrives, they will need to have you prove that you live at your residence before they let you back in. If you don't have any identification or proof of ownership on you when the locksmith gets there to let you back in, there are a few things you can do. Here are ways you can get back in your house legally when you are locked out.

Call your landlord

If you rent, your landlord can assist you in proving identity and get you back in the house. A quick call to your landlord to explain your situation can allow them to give your landlord permission to let you back into your home, or they may opt to come to your residence to let you back in themselves if they have a master key. You can then show your locksmith your ID to verify your identity in the event you get locked out again.

Have a neighbor assist you

A neighbor who can verify your identity can be of great assistance to you. Your locksmith may be willing to unlock your home if a neighbor, family member, or friend can vouch for your identity. Once your door is unlocked, your locksmith can escort you into your home where you can grab your ID to show them that you are indeed the resident within the home and not just someone trying to break in.

Call the police

Call the non-emergency number to your local police station and explain your situation to the dispatcher. They can send a police officer to your home to monitor you while your locksmith opens your door. Once inside, you can show your ID to both the locksmith and the police officer to verify your identity. This is a great route to take if your locksmith absolutely will not unlock your home without ID, since they know you will be arrested if you cannot prove residency within the home and liability will be removed from them in taking these precautions.

Getting locked out of your house without an ID is a tricky situation, since many locksmiths won't let you back inside unless you can prove who you are. If you don't have an ID, you can use these resources to help you get back in your house safely without issue.

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