Installation Tips For Commercial Mortise Locks

A lot of commercial property owners choose mortise locks for their doors because they're durable and provide ample security. If you want these benefits in your building and are approaching the installation yourself, do these things so that installation ends up being a success. 

Make Sure Door is Compatible

Mortise locks themselves are very durable, but in order for them to provide the right amount of security benefits in your building, the doors they're installed on also need to be durable. If they're not and instead are pretty weak, this door incompatibility can still lead to security issues that you don't want.

Take time assessing the doors in your building. See if they can hold up to the extensive work you'll put them through when getting mortise locks in place. If you aren't sure about your current doors' durability, talk to a locksmith to see what they say. They may suggest getting different doors if you're set on mortise locks. Or they may say your doors are just fine and then you can start this lock installation.

Carefully Inspect Mortise Locks Prior to Installation

Once your mortise locks arrive, you want to take a little bit of time to inspect them before putting them on doors. They need to be structurally sound and operate just fine before you put them into position. Otherwise, you're going to have a lot of problems that you'll eventually have to address.

You don't have to be a locksmith to know when there are issues with the new mortise locks that you ordered. Just look over major components like the mortise body, latch bolt, spindle, and latch. If you don't see any glaring issues, proceed to installation.

Mark Positions Carefully

In order to get mortise locks lined up just right and to cut keyholes at the right locations, you'll have to do some marking. You want to be very patient and careful when doing this because otherwise, lock installation may turn out poor and you may even chisel out the wrong sections. 

You'll have an easier time working with someone that can hold the mortise body against the door, letting you ensure evenness before you make marks. They can give their suggestions about necessary adjustments too, for an optimal mortise lock installation.

If you just purchased mortise locks and are going to be installing them in your commercial property, take all the advice you can until you get to a place of proficiency. For more information about mortise lock installation, contact a local service.

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