Lost Your Car Key? Here's How To Prove Ownership For An Auto Locksmith

When car key replacement is needed, it's needed urgently. If you're locked out of your car with no spare key handy, you can't go anywhere until you can have a new key made. Contact an emergency auto locksmith, who should be able to immediately dispatch assistance. While you wait (and ideally, you won't be waiting very long at all), you'll need to prepare. 

Ownership and Identification

Preparing for a locksmith to unlock your vehicle simply involves locating proof of ownership, which must be presented alongside your photo ID. Without proof of ownership and identity, a locksmith may be unwilling to proceed—even if the vehicle is parked on your property. The vehicle's registration papers may be securely locked in the vehicle's glove compartment, so you'll need to find an alternative. The vehicle's bill of sale will obviously be appropriate, as can any proof of insurance. Some insurance cards may not reference the vehicle beyond listing its vehicle identification number (VIN).

Locating Your VIN 

If you're only able to provide a VIN, the locksmith must match the information on your insurance card to the vehicle. This involves them locating the VIN, which sometimes involves unlocking the vehicle. Its location will depend on the make and model of the vehicle, and might be displayed prominently on the left side of the dashboard, close to the steering wheel. Alternatively, it might be found on the engine block, on the vehicle's frame, or underneath the spare tire in your trunk. The VIN could also be located inside one of the vehicle's doorposts (usually on the driver's side). 

New Key, New Fob

Once ownership has been confirmed, your auto locksmith can proceed with replacing your missing car key. The locks themselves may not need to be replaced—as it's sufficient (and less expensive) to simply cut a new key. However, a new lock can be in your best interests if you suspect that your missing keys were in fact stolen, and you need to ensure that the old key has been deactivated. If the keys were attached to an electronic fob to allow keyless entry, a new fob will need to be set up. Your auto locksmith can do this too. The vehicle's door latch reader is configured to unlock when it receives a unique radio frequency identification signal from the fob. A replacement fob will send a new radio frequency identification signal, and your vehicle's latch reader will be reprogrammed to only accept this new signal, which effectively deactivates the old fob.

Replacing a missing key and fob is a quick and uncomplicated task for a qualified auto locksmith. In fact, the only complicated part may be finding proof of ownership before they arrive.

Contact a local locksmith to learn more about car key replacement.

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